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Agios Nikolaos Hotel Reviews » Daios Cove Resort Hotel. Luxury straight from the Gods - from The Travel Editor .com

Agios Nikolaos Hotel Reviews » Daios Cove Resort Hotel. Luxury straight from the Gods - from The Travel Editor .com

Admittedly it was 4.30am and I might not have been functioning at full speed, but when the taxi dropped me off at the Daios Cove reception, I swear I was staring at an angel. 

Hang on a minute I thought, perhaps the taxi crashed on the way and this is what the gates of heaven really look like. She was standing right at the end of a glass enclosed walkway dressed entirely in white behind a counter that was bathed in a yellow glow and smiling straight at me. Wow.

It transpired of course, that everyone gets greeted this way no matter what time of the day or night they arrive. A quick check in (keeping the formalities to a minimum) a welcome drink and a whisk up one floor to check out the stunning view over the bay before you get transported to your room. My view was a little more stunning than usual I suspect given the sun was just beginning to coming up and the entire bay was bathed in new dawn red. It really was a magnificent moment.

Having recovered from the shock of my potential demise, (albeit the angelic downside didn't seem all that bad) the room turned out to be equally heavenly. A large contemporary space with plenty of comfortable furniture and a breathtaking view through the floor to ceiling patio doors of my private infinity pool above the huge expanse of Cretan sea below.  The huge bed was wrapped in crisp cotton linen and a choice of pillows, whilst the luxury open plan bathroom included a bath as well as a separate rain forest shower room.  
The Daios Cove resort hotel is a brand new luxury property built high up on the side of a spectacular piece of Cretan coastline just 40 minutes east from the capital Heraklion and close to both Elounda and Agios Nikolaos.

The trade off for having such a spectacular view and a private secluded beach front is the distance and elevation you have to negotiate to get from your room to the rest of the property. This has been resolved via a series of funiculars that transport you across the various levels of the estate or taking one of the numerous chauffeured golf carts available 24 hours a day. Of course, if you fancy the exercise, you could just walk, and then you'll be guilt free to indulge yourself eating a plentiful buffet feast in the main restaurant or sample Cretan specialities in the Taverna which holds lively Greek theme nights once or twice a week. The Ocean Club, Daios Cove's signature fine dining restaurant delivers up an excellent menu of classic Italian dishes given a contemporary twist.

I seemed to be on a permanent high throughout my stay at Daios Cove; that fabulous view followed me wherever I went, and at night, eating out on the terraces, I could still hear the sound of the waves rolling in around the bay. Relaxing as all this was, experiencing the hotel's giant spa with its Germaine De Capuccini treatments and its state of the art facilities (including my particular favourite, a walk through shower where you experience numerous kinds of water therapies as you make your way through it) left both my Ying and my Yang somewhere in Zen dreamland.

Everything here has been thoughtfully designed and delivered, from the exquisite public rooms, to the consistent smile and acknowledgement you get from every member of staff.

There is a level of luxury and sophistication at Daios Cove that will be hard to match anywhere on Crete... and for me, as long as they keep employing angelic receptionists, I will be a very happy man indeed.

Contact tel: + 30 28410 62600 , fax: + 30 28410 62622,

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